Every day of the year -
across the towns, cities, and country villages of North America, products that become the food on the table, the table itself, and roof above, to name a few, are delivered by Sindall Transport.

Unique in history ...
Steadfast in service ...
Focused on the future.

In the 1950's, Don M. Sindall's
trucking company was hauling hay to the sale barns of New Holland, Pennsylvania, from the firm's home base in Ontario, Canada.  After making deliveries, Sindall drivers would load up their trailers with new balers produced by New Holland Machine - now Case New Holland - for the trip back.  Sindall's alliance with the farm machinery company, built on a handshake and bound to last into the 21st century brought him to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, permanently in 1965.

The Sindall Companies have been a growing presence in the heart of scenic Lancaster County ever since, occupying ten acres in New Holland. This strategic location puts Sindall near a diversified customer base, including worldwide installations for farm machinery and food products... for steal and lumber. Don M. Sindall's sons, Donald and Douglas now oversee the company's growth and operations, and a third generation of the family works throughout the operations.

Strong parallels can be drawn between Sindall's success and vision, and the growth of the transport industry. In an era of buyouts, mergers, and downsizing, Sindall Companies stands proudly among the small, but steel-strong, number of family businesses upon which the community, and the country, continue to rely.

In order to compete and keep pace with other leaders in the trucking business, Sindall undertook necessary expansion, land acquisition, and equipment purchases. During the 1980's, the firm built warehousing and office facilities, and included product storage space for key customers in their drawing plans.

The 1990's brought a complete overhaul of the computer operations. The availability of a full truck body shop, and an on-site parts department, gives the maintenance staff an edge in keeping Sindall trucks on their routes.

Truck leasing was added to the roster of services, one of several innovations that the company recognized as a customer need. Key real estate acquisitions near the main campus allow for future growth, and every change or addition has been, and will be, true to the integrity of New Holland's distinctive character.

Sindall has established the infrastructure to support its long-range planning. They have earned an enduring reputation, with customers and with employees, through hard work and by honoring their word. They strive to hold the line on pricing, while bringing customers the best in transport, customer communications, efficiency, and safety. The Sindall Companies have the winning team to improve hauling efficiency and profitability any time transport services are needed.

Our entire operation is keenly focused on continuing the tradition of providing unsurpassed customer service... around the clock and around the country - for generations to come.

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